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What We Are About


Gospel Growth

We start, sustain and are satisfied with the Gospel. It is who we are and what we do.

Deepening Community

Being grounded in the Gospel first, we now strive to share our lives while challenging and encouraging one another with the Gospel to grow in Christ.

Widening Mission

We are always on mission as Christians and as a Church. It is our ongoing Joy to share the Gospel with others in the daily rhythms of our lives in West Haven, as well reaching beyond our city to the outer most places.



The “E” in EPiC stands for EQUIP. To equip the saints for the work of the ministry, or to make disciples who make disciples we will employ the use of Missional Communities (MCs) and D-Groups. MCs are groups of 10-15 disciples who gather weekly to be on
mission together and apply God’s Word. Each MC will have a specific mission they target in their weekly rhythms with the gospel: through prayer, interaction, or blessing. D-Groups are smaller groups that breakout from their MCs to go deeper in the word and accountability. D-Groups will be made in pairs or triads of the same sex. We have a goal to train up and establish 3 to 5 leaders in 2018 for the purpose of leading the next generation of our Missional Communities. Needs: books and hospitality. (Matthew 28:18—Ephesians 4:11-16)


The “P” in EPiC stands for PLANT. It is the calling and joy of every believer to be engaged in planting or sowing the gospel with those around us. We desire to plant the gospel in West Haven by being disciples that make disciples. The activities we are
employing are: (1) Planting the awareness of Sojourn in the DNA of West Haven, (2) Starting 3 Missional Communities in 2018, (3) Outreach Activities, and (4) Hospitality.


The ‘i’ in EPiC stands for intentional. Everything that Sojourn will is intentionally implemented to keep us focused on the movement of the Gospel into an unreached field, train up new believers into mission, and celebrate what Christ is doing in West
Haven. If you would, picture EPiC as a rotating circle with intentional entry points found through out its circumference; (1) Equipping the saints, (2) Planting the Gospel, new Missional Communities, and in time, new churches, (3) Celebrating what Christ is doing in and through us. Great Place for a Graphic


The “C” in EPiC stands for CELEBRATE. As we become large through keeping small we will look for a weekly gathering of the missional communities to celebrate what Christ is doing. Currently, we are exploring the use of free venues and partnering with different businesses/churches including the Catholic church in West Haven. and nearby churches in Roy. In time we will seek out a place to gather weekly in West Haven, this may include rental costs.

What are you waiting for?