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Getting to Launch

There are a four phases to launching in West Haven.

Learn and Serve
Move to the City
Gather and Scatter
Meet in the City

Phase #1

Learn and Serve in the City


As our core team develops and we meet persons of peace within West Haven, we will intentionally engage them where they work, play, and learn. We will invite them into informal meetings and missional communities where we will share the Word with them and nurture the relationship.


Phase #2

Move to the city

As the Lord provides for the Winters and other members of the core team, we plan to relocate to West Haven and engage deeper in the rhythms of life of the city.


Phase #3

Gather and scatter in the City


As the Gospel takes root in West Haven, we will gather in multiple missional communities for the purpose of fellowshipping with one another. We will then scatter throughout the city to be witnesses in word and deed, intentionally serving the community together. This is a key step to becoming a formal church.


Phase #4

Meet in the City


As our missional communities grow in number and the target size of 50 to 60 individuals is reached, we will gather together formally as Sojourn and launch active weekly services.


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