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Sojourn Utah

Bringing the Gospel to West Haven, Utah, and beyond, by being the church all week and not just on the weekends.


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Sojourn Utah is a church that is on mission together to see the Gospel in West Haven.

“Sojourn” in Hebrew and Greek paints the picture of being strangers dwelling in a foreign land for a limited time. This captures many aspects of our hope in Christ, that our true home is in heaven and for a short time we are sent out as strangers/ambassadors into foreign lands. Sojourn also represents that we intentionally desire to raise up and send out other sojourners into West Haven and beyond.

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West Haven Needs the Gospel

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There are many strategies in reaching a city while thriving in community. For Sojourn, the vision is to equip families to be the church all week long and not compete with city, school, work or
family activities. To the contrary, we desire to equip and empower the church to take the gospel with them in their life, rhythms and activities as ambassadors for Christ.

We ask that you to join with us as we pray for the Gospel to take root in foreign soil and grow into that which God desires.

We are also looking for individuals and groups to give of their lives, their talents, on mission here in the Wasatch Front and with Sojourn Church. This could look like short term mission trips, internships, or relocating to West Haven permanently to work and play on mission for the glory of God through Sojourn Church.


West Haven’s population is just over 13000 and it is estimated that the population will double in the next several years. It is estimated that there are less than 4% evangelicals in Weber County which encompasses West Haven. As the population begins to double, we see a great need for gospel-centered churches in West Haven.

Seeking Identity

West Haven is a young community and is seeking her own identity separate from that of Ogden and Layton, UT. With this comes the possibility of shaking the cultural norm in order for the gospel to have an impact on a growing and seeking community.


We have found that West Haven has a highly relational community life and with that nature in the community it will be paramount that we live, work, learn, and play with and within West Haven. It is necessary that we seek West Haven’s welfare and plant our lives in West Haven for her benefit as the years roll by and for God’s glory. In order to be God glorifying, it is necessary that we seek after Christ while also attempting to benefit the welfare of West Haven by planting our lives in the community. 

Why West Haven

To answer this question, we will explore three aspects: need, identity and community.

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